Two Journeys

One small Town


Olivia Reynolds was free. Living in New York City and excited to explore all the possibilities as a young twenty something with no direction in mind, life had only begun when a tragic accident called her back to the small town she'd spent her life trying to break away from. 

Dean Wintson knew he was the last person on earth Olivia would want to see. The last time he saw his best friend's little sister, his selfish desire gave way to a night he knew would stand in the way of her plans. Instead of staying and facing whatever the day brought, he vanished, breaking her heart in the process. 

When everything Olivia thought she knew about her past, and the man who broke her heart comes into a new light, the line between friends and lovers once again blurs and she must decide between letting go, or holding on. 

Connor Reynolds has been a picture perfect Boy Scout his entire life. With parents who leaned on him more than they should to be the perfect son, and a little sister who begged to be free of the trappings of a small town, he often felt the pressure to keep their family together. He'd have to create stability if he wanted to have balance.

His little sister's best friend was a constant challenge to that balance. Elle was a free spirit, tied to nothing except the love she freely gave to her friends and family. Elle had no interest in the stable ground Connor worked so hard for, she chose to fly through life instead. No wonder he's been in love with her his whole life. 

When a family tragedy brings his little sister home, and he's left to rebuild the world that's  collapsing around them Connor is surprised to find that Elle is the one to hold the ground steady for him. The friendship and loyalty he's always known from her wraps around him and gives him strength. The torch he's always carried for her burns hot, and for the first time in his life, he let's go the control he's always needed and opens his heart to a passion that knows no boundaries


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Holding Hands in the Sunshine

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