Alexa Jacobs is an American novelist. She began her career with Rising Ridge, a contemporary romance novel that pays tribute to the idyllic small town she resides in. 

Since 2018 she has teamed up with the Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts to bring the Maryland Romance Writer's Stage to the Baltimore Book Festival. On the stage, Alexa coordinates full day programs for both writers and readers which feature up to fifty authors over the course of the festival. 

In 2020, she introduced Living Productively- Commanding those Calendars, Slaying those to-do lists, and going after those gold star goals, as a featured writer workshop. She is pleased to extend this workshop to the general public, and feature its core teachings in an upcoming motivational non-fiction project. 

Featured Projects


Click on each project to take you to its informational page. You will find images, descriptions, buy links, and extras associated. You may use this information as part of promoting your Alexa Jacobs event. (At this time, Alexa is not promoting The Dreamer as the associated publishing house is closed and she is in the process of having her rights reserved back to her). 


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This workshop is designed as a two day per week month long workshop. Participants will enjoy an online classroom environment that is a work-at-your-own pace forum. 

New lessons are posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the month and feedback is offered in real time. 

Lessons Include:

- Ideal Scheduling

- Time Blocking Success

- Finding a planning system that works for you

- Dealing with distractions and life's little surprises

- Pandemic Problems 

- Goal setting, big and small 

- CHECK-listing 

- The imperfectly perfect balance.

Commanding those calendars, slaying thos


I am most active on Instagram @booksbyalexa

My hobby page (my obsession with food, planning, and lifestyle things) @lifebythechapter

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