Upcoming Projects

Thank you for your interest in my upcoming projects! Stop by often to see what I am working on! Progress updates can be found on social media. Explore each cover for a brief description. 

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Fiction Titles

A woman looking to add Executive to her title before she turns 35 hires a Green Beret turned explorer guide to help her become familiar with her agency's biggest client. 

Passing her off for yet another snotty, over-privileged princess looking to find herself, it's only a bet with an old friend that has him agreeing. Besides, taking her for a ride will be a cakewalk. That is until close encounters on cold nights lead to hot passion, and they realize that when it comes to love, all bets are off. 


A single dad looking to make a big change in his life moves to a small storybook town where his nine-year-old daughter puts the town's single women to the test for the spot of her new mom.  Dad has no interest until he meets the resident always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride bakery owner who might just have the ingredient that has been missing from his life.


A year after laying her husband to rest, a woman moves her

eight-year-old son back to the small town she grew up in hoping to start over and settle their lives after their heartbreaking loss. But starting over is hard to do when she runs into an old friend who broke her heart ten years earlier

Though time has passed, the secrets he seemed to be keeping from her continues to tear them apart until the bond he forms with her son helps her discover the truth and him discover that some things are worth the wait.


Recently dumped by both his agent and his wife, a former best selling author swears off the book world and retreats to his mountainside cabin until a near fatal car accident forces him to open his home to a full time nurse who helps him recover.

His gruff and grumble attitude is no match for her, as she's had to develop a thick skin after a relationship she was having with a doctor at the hospital went public and her friends turned on her. 

Though their minds are set to closing off their hearts, when they begin to help each other they discover that love could be waiting in the next chapter of life, if only they'd turn the page.  


Blue and White Minimalist Notebook Book

Is survival mode supposed to last this long? 

Wouldn't it be great if your week went exactly the way you planned? Wouldn't it be great if you could actually get things done during the day? Without interruption?! Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a plan for those little curve balls the calendar throws at us? 

How about if you could magically cut your to-do list in half? Or actually learn a new language, write that great American novel....or let's get real, just clean out a junk drawer. 

Say goodbye to survival mode and hello to having all the time in the world. This busy girl's guide is your fast pass to creating a schedule that is ideal to your life, a way to roll with the changes, and the secret behind actually getting things done.