Alexa Jacobs is an American contemporary romance author. She was born and raised in Maryland, and is currently residing in one of its storybook small towns which she pays tribute to in her debut novel Rising Ridge. 

She is a member in good standing of the Romance Writers of America, Washington Romance Writers and Maryland Romance Writers. In 2018 and 2019 she coordinated the Maryland Romance Writer's Stage at the Baltimore Book Festival located in Baltimore's downtown Inner Harbor. 

When not writing, she enjoys volunteering for a local children's charity and teaching Sunday school. Her passions include hobby photography, reading books of all genres, and being hopelessly addicted to bake shows. 

Her Story

Alexa Jacobs grew up in a small home on a quiet street in central Maryland. Her days were often spent playing in the woods with friends, making up adventures as they went along. 

The friends grew up, the woods gave way to progress and became a large university. 

It gave her the opportunity to actually tell her children, "This was all trees as far as the eye could see once."

As a teenager, she read her first romance novel, and immediately knew that somehow one day, she'd write her own.

She fell in love a few times, which gave her plenty of writing material- but it was the bad boy on the motorcycle who ultimately won her heart.  He turned out to be a really good man. 

With two beautiful boys, her family packed their bags and set off across the world for five years. Alexa's mother often reminded her if she went any further away, then she'd be on her way back. 

It was an amazing experience that made her realize a love of travel. Naturally this meant that their next move would ground them back home, where their kids could make solid memories in a small storybook Maryland town- right down the street from Grandma. 

Happily settled into the small town life, she was finally able to write Rising Ridge. To date, writing and publishing a book is the only New Year's resolution she's ever kept.  

Alexa was welcomed into the writer community with open arms, and is deeply grateful for the relationships she's made throughout her career. Over the last few years, she has taken on the role of presenting the Maryland Romance Writer's stage at the Baltimore Book Festival which she does with great pleasure to give writers in the area an opportunity to share their books with an audience. She hopes that she can encourage an inspiring author much like authors in her life encouraged her. 

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