A unique gift 

uncovers the truth

Claire Martin dreams of having a normal life, yet it's her dreams that prevent her from having one. Stuck between  somewhere premonition and reality, Claire's mind picks up on the things that other people don't want to talk about in the light of day. 

Max Duncan has picked up the shattered pieces of his life, and has removed every reminder of his past in hopes of being able to move on. He quickly finds a friend in the quiet girl in the building he's just moved into. She never asks him any questions too deep, never stays for conversation. 

Neither say a word when the isolation they seek from the world ignites a fire between them. No promises made means no promises that have to be kept. 


Just as passions heat up, Claire becomes haunted by woman she's never met but is desperate to save.  This woman is in trouble and fear is pouring out and filling Claire's mind.  Secrets begin to unravel, and Claire discovers that her new lover Max is somehow involved. When she begins to find out more about the connection between Max and the mysterious woman from her premonitions, lies begin to unravel and Max's life hangs in the balance.

Claire must open her mind to her gifts for the first time, and find the truth before all is lost. 


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Want to set the right mood for The Dreamer? This playlist was put together with songs that inspire all the right emotions for you to journey into the story. 

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